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Airfreight Volumetric Convertor

Airfreight is charged 'per kilo' (gross weight). However, if the freight volumes out greater than it's gross weight, then airfreight is charged 'per volumetric weight'. 

To calculate a volumetric weight, you must divide the cubic measurement (total cubic meters) by 0.006.

1 pallet at 130 x 100 x 120 cms = 1.56 cbm (total cubic meters) - Gross weight = 210 kilos
Divide 1.56 by 0.006 = 260 kilos - chargeable volumetric weight
Volumetric weight exceeds the gross weight, freight is charged per kilo against 260 kilos.

If the volumetric weight is ever less than the actual gross weight, then the airfreight is charged per kilo against the gross weight.

An Airfreight Volumetric Convertor will help to speed up your calculations.

For assistance, below is an Airfreight Volumetric Convertor :




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