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Air freight being dispatched from the UK is liable to security checks to guarantee that it doesn't contain restricted articles, for example, explosives or anything equipped for causing a fire.

The freight can be security screened by various different methods by a controlled operator or by a known shipper.

The larger the freight the more probable it won't have the capacity to fit into the x-ray scanner before it departs. This will bring about either utilizing a bigger scanner, if accessible, or organizing through a specialist agent that can arrange accordingly. Either choice will probably increase charges. The booking agent upon quotation will confirm accordingly based on the dimensions of the freight that the shipper has declared.

U.K traders can export and import most items to and from the UK without a requiring a licence. Certain goods however are restricted, the shipper or receiver of goods needs to be mindful of which industry regulations need to be followed. Certain items, for example, deadly implements, drugs, items starting from endangered animal species and certain innovative machine items such as computer products, a permit is required before they can be shipped out.

Certain nations have particular regulations, for example, for food being imported into the United States Of America, the shipper must confirm advanced notification to the US Food and Drug Administration for every shipment of food that is due to arrive.

For shipments of hazardous goods by air, the shipper must guarantee that the goods are packed, labelled and certificated to the International Air Transport Association Dangerous Goods Regulations. Hazardous cargo being transported to and from the airport by road must also comply with the regulations for the transport of dangerous goods by road.

There are a number of hazardous materials that are not allowed to ship by means of air freight. The shipper must confirm the correct hazardous class, UN no. and packing group at the time of obtaining a quote from the agent. The agent will then advise to the shipper if that particular type of hazard can be accepted for air freight.

The shipper has to be very careful that the correct classification and additional hazardous details are confirmed to the agent at the time of booking in writing. Any incorrect or false details advised to the agent and/or airline is a criminal offence.

Any item of air freight must be securely packaged and marked, otherwise airlines will refuse to accept the cargo, especially if the packaging is loose and likely to open up. The shipper can be subject to additional charges for the freight to be re-packaged before being accepted by the airline.  

Shipper’s who are unsure about any detail of air freight security and regulations, please use the following link for ‘I.A.T.A.’ (International Air Transport Association):-

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