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LV shipping & transport office in Newcastle operates a weekly airfreight and ocean freight consolidation service to Brazil. In 2010 a blue chip customer asked to move 40 tonnes of urgently required stock to Brazil in the most economical yet time efficient method possible. The urgency of the shipment meant that sea freight was immediately ruled out, due to a 17 day estimated transit period from the date of sailing.

In that period air traffic was heavily disrupted due to the plume of ash, which lingered following the April-May 2010 eruptions of Iceland’s Eyjafjallajökull volcano.

This had a huge effect on operations as flights to and from the UK as well as 19 other countries were grounded. Standard air cargo flights were not an option as everything was fully booked due to the back log of freight needing to be moved, and the fact that no guarantees could be made on delivery dates or flights being cancelled.

The solution was to charter a DC10 aircraft through a trusted supplier. Swift collection was organised of the stock and delivery to East Midlands airport for inspection and X-ray check, and then immediate flight to Rio as soon as the all clear was given.

The DC10 flew via Tenerife, Cape Verdi and Recife, North Brazil before touching down in Rio de Janeiro two days later, a complex charter. Agents in Brazil acted immediately to customs clear the goods and deliver to the customer’s facility.







Banlaw Afrique Sarl is contracted to build the infrastructure for a new gold mine at Inata on the edge of the Sahara desert in Burkina Faso. Work on site has to be completed before the onset of the rain season in July. With daytime temperatures at the site exceeding 56 degrees centigrade, tyres which are already in short supply world wide, suffer extreme stress and need frequent replacement.

Containerised sea freight from Europe to Burkina Faso takes up to eight weeks as the goods have to be transited through an African seaboard country (Cote d' Ivoire, Ghana or Togo with their associated complex paperwork) before reaching land-locked Burkina Faso.

This meant that chartered airfreight offered a very viable solution and H-Logistics was contracted to fly the essential supplies directly into the country in a specially commissioned Airbus 330. 






The essential spares, components, earthmover tyres and vehicle supplies were secured from across Europe and the U.S. and consolidated at Doncaster Airport. In all, we loaded 35 tonnes of critical parts overnight before the aircraft left on a 9-hour flight to Ouagadougou - including a refuelling stop at Tripoli, Libya.

On arrival in Burkina Faso, with customs clearance pre-arranged locally by SDV International Logistics, the aircraft was unloaded overnight before the cargo made the final 240 km. journey to Inata.










"Thanks to H-Logistics the full consignment was transported from Yorkshire to our project , 20 kilometres south of the Mali border, in an incredible 48 hours."



Thursday 16th January: Enquiry Received and Quotation Provided. An enquiry is received concerning an urgent, large-scale shipment from Doncaster, UK to Perth, Australia. The 26.5 tonneload comprises 4 ‘Hagglund’ all-terrain vehicles and trailers, 4 sets of spare tracks and additional spares in case of vehicle breakdowns.

The vehicles are required by an oil company operating in Western Australia. The company needs to cross marshland to access a damaged pipeline that presents an environmental hazard and requires urgent repair – only the Hagglunds can do it.

The DSA air freight team – comprising the airport, Anglo World Cargo and Servisair – works closely to respond to the enquiry without delay.

Friday 17th January: Goods Received at Doncaster Sheffield Airport. The vehicles arrive at DSA’s transit shed where they are check-weighed immediately. They are then wrapped fully on site for REST (security) procedures to make the shipment ‘known’ for flight.

Monday 20th January: Checking and Packing. ‘Dangerous goods’ checks are completed. The vehicles are then built onto 20ft aircraft pallets and each vehicle is secured with 20 straps.

Tuesday 21st January: Departure from DSA. With the load prepared ready for flight, the load master arrives and confirms that all paperwork is collated, with export licences and customs entries completed. At 20.50, the Atlas Air 747-400 lands at DSA. Servisair then collects the shipment and loads it through the nose of the aircraft using a high loader.

The Atlas Air 747-400 departs DSA half an hour early for its travel to Australia.

Wednesday 22nd January: Arrival in Perth, Australia. After taking a stop in Dubai for crew change and fuel, the aircraft lands in Perth. The vehicles arriveon site that same afternoon, ready to repair the damaged pipeline and prevent further environmental damage. 

The goods were delivered on site in Western Australia within 5 working day of initial contact. The case study provides a typical example of the speed, flexibility and service available to specialist air freight customers at Doncaster Sheffield Airport.

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